I am a PhD Candidate and Research Assistant in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. For my thesis, I have been doing exciting work on wayfinding in video games. More specifically, I am investigating how players respond to a variety of visual wayfinding cues depending on the game context. To conduct this interdisciplinary research I have adopted a mixed method approach, which combines quantitative and qualitative methods for better understanding of how wayfinding cues affect players' in-game behavior and the gaming experience.

After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication, I worked as a graphic designer and as a design team leader for several years. I am a specialist in Information Design and hold a master's degree in Digital Artifacts Design. I have a passion for human-computer interaction and game user research, cognitive psychology and human-centered design. I have worked in several projects that incorporate multidisciplinary teams.

Contact me at dinara.moura@gmail.com or dinara@sfu.ca for a complete resume or if you just want to chat.